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Fundamental unit of PASCAL Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) consists a compact size electron-gun with mounting via CF1.33" (ICF34) flange.

The compact size e-gun brings easy mount to a vacuum chamber or easy maintenance.

And RHEED observation at high-pressure condition or sample-in-plane parallel scanning of e-beam in RHEED observation can be realized in combination with optional unit.


RHEED system
  • Compact HV power supply : up to 30 kV (25 kV rated.)
  • Single differential pumping : up to 1Pa
  • Double-stage differential pumping (option) for high-pressure : up to 100Pa workable
  • Electron-beam parallel scanning (option) : Multiple diffraction monitor at same condition

RHEED Unit Setup / Options

Standard RHEED Unit

Standard RHEED
  • RHEED electron gun with acceleration voltage of 30 kV (max).
  • High-voltage power supply with remote controller.
  • Single differential pumping unit for CF1.33" (ICF34) flange mount.
  • Standard round-shape fluorescent screen for CF6" (ICF152) or CF8" (ICF203) flange mount.

Option units for high-pressure RHEED by Double-Stage Differential Pumping unit

Double-Stage Differential Pumping RHEED
  • Double-stage differential pumping unit with XY-axes or tilt motion of electron-beam guide.
  • Small round-shape fluorescent screen of phi 30 mm for RHEED observation at high-pressure.
  • Variable positioning fluorescent screen for RHEED observation at low/high-pressure.

Option unit for Parallel Scanning RHEED

Parallel Scanning RHEED
  • Scanning coil and driver for electron-beam parallel scanning.

Option unit for RHEED Pattern Processing system

  • RHEED pattern/oscillation monitoring software with CCD camera and its shading hood.
CCD Camera UnitRHEED Pattern Processing Software

Standard Specification of Standard RHEED Unit


Acceleration voltage 30 kV max (25 kV rated).
Filament Tungsten (W), hair-pin shape.
Electron beam diameter Phi 0.5 mm
Deflection XY-axes by coil
Dimension / Mount L 310 mm, phi 43 mm / CF1.33" (ICF34) mount
Differential pumping port CF1.33" (ICF34)

High-voltage power supply

Output high-voltage 0-30 kV
Stability Less than 0.5 %
Remote control All parameters for e-gun operation by handy console
Dimension W480 mm x D400 mm x H150 mm (JIS rack mount)
Power inlet AC 100V, 1-phase

Fluorescent screen

Screen CF6" (ICF152) or CF8" (ICF203) mount with shutter
Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.


November, 2012
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the Ibaraki Factory at Naka-city Ibaraki Japan.
September, 2010
Pascal Co., Ltd. introduces TOFLAS-3000; the New Surface Analysis Solution using Atom Scattering Spectroscopy.
April, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. starts to produce Cryo Cooler Series for optical, electrical or hall effect measurements.
Febrary, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the New Head Office and moves there
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