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Mobile Combi-Laser MBE


Mobile Combi-Laser MBE

Combinatorial research and development by a compact, high performance, and fully PC controlled system

The main body of the system is a UHV laser MBE apparatus to deposit thin films on a substrate by the laser ablation of targets. An excimer or other pulsed laser is irradiated from outside of the UHV chamber via synthesized quartz window. Using two combinatorial masks and a scanning RHEED device, the system enables to prepare many samples at one time, each of them is controlled atomically and has a different growth condition , using a combinatorial mask and targets irradiated by a laser in a high vacuum. The concept of the combinatorial film deposition is a systematic change of growth condition resulted by dividing a substrate by masking into many small regions having different growth parameters each other. This contributes to outstandingly rapid screening of growth conditions. A load-lock transfer component that is a standard equipment of our MC-LMBE makes exchange of targets and substrates very easy.


  • High performance Laser MBE (PLD) system
  • A compact UHV body highly contributes to user's easy operation
  • An ultimate vacuum pressure of 5×10-9Torr
  • 2 motor-driven combinatorial masks for combinatorial research and development
  • More than 1,000 degrees C substrate heating using laser diode
  • Up to 6 targets are usable
  • Standard equipped parallel scanning RHEED component
  • Load-Lock transfer component for easy exchange of targets and substrates
  • Fully computer control
Mobile Combi-Laser MBE


Deposition Chamber
Chamber size: φ260mm spherical
Ultimate vacuum pressure: 5×10-9Torr
Main vaccum pump: Ceramics bearing TMP 250L/s
Multi-target manipulator
Targets number: 1inch × 6ea.
Motor driven rotation and revolution mechanism
Substrate heating unit
Laser diode type
  • Substrate size: up to 10mm square
  • Substrate heating: more than 1,000 deg C
Combinatorial mask positioning unit
Motor driven. 2 Masks
Parallel Scanning RHEED
RHEED pattern processing system
Load-Lock (L/L) chamber with transfer mechanism
Chamber size: φ114mm × H250mm Cylindrical horizontal
Magnetically coupled type transfar rod with tilt mechanism
Stock number: 2 substrates, 4 targets
Common System Windows®PC installed LMBE control software in


November, 2012
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the Ibaraki Factory at Naka-city Ibaraki Japan.
September, 2010
Pascal Co., Ltd. introduces TOFLAS-3000; the New Surface Analysis Solution using Atom Scattering Spectroscopy.
April, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. starts to produce Cryo Cooler Series for optical, electrical or hall effect measurements.
Febrary, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the New Head Office and moves there
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