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Time of Flight Low Energy Atom Scattering Spectroscopy



Atom scattering spectroscopy for surface structure and elemental analysis

The low energy ion scattering spectroscopy (LEIS) is a powerful method for surface crystal structure and elemental composition analysis of then topmost several layers of the crystal surface. However, analyses of insulator surfaces have been very difficult because of the electric charge-up caused by ions. To overcome the difficulties of charge up effects on insulator surfaces, we have developed a new type of surface instrument, TOFLAS-3000 (Time Of Flight Low energy Atom Scattering spectroscopy).


Free charge up; Unique surface analysis using neutral atom beam

  • Analysis of Insulator Crystal Surfaces
  • Sensitive to the Top Most Several Layers
  • Visual Assessment of Surface Structures
  • Free From Electric and/or Magnetic Field
effect of atom beambehavior of ion beam
atom scattering spectrum of MgO(100)ion scattering spectrum of MgO(100)

Typical Examples

Block DiagramIllustrative Diagram

TOF Spectrum

TOF Spectrum
  • Time of flight (TOF) analysis of atoms backward-scattered from sample surface, giving information about surface element.

Polar Scan

Polar Scan
  • Polar angle dependence of scattering intensity at a given azimuth angle, giving information about surface atom positions.

Azimuth Scan

Azimuth Scan
  • Azimuth angle dependence of scattering intensity at a given polar angle, giving information about symmetry of surface structure.

Full Scan (Pole Figure)

Full Scan (Pole Figure)
  • Visual image of scattering-intensity taken by whole angle scanning of azimuth and polar.


  • Single-atomic-layer growth monitor
  • Criteria of crystal growth modes
  • Structure analysis of surface layers
  • Analysis of surface segregation
  • Pole figure analysis of a polar surface
  • In-situ analysis in electric/magnetic field
  • Amazing elemental analysis by secondary ion mass spectrometry
Assessment of Growth ModeIn-situ analysis in a magnetic field
Assessment of Polarity


November, 2012
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the Ibaraki Factory at Naka-city Ibaraki Japan.
September, 2010
Pascal Co., Ltd. introduces TOFLAS-3000; the New Surface Analysis Solution using Atom Scattering Spectroscopy.
April, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. starts to produce Cryo Cooler Series for optical, electrical or hall effect measurements.
Febrary, 2008
Pascal Co., Ltd. builds the New Head Office and moves there
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